IMAGINE A WORLD where the slot machine can be utilized in new ways to unlock greater value for you and for your players. That is the game-changing technology called FUZION. When you connect JCM’s new GEN5 printer and the iVIZION bill validator to your compatible back-end CMS, you unleash the power of FUZION. Every machine on your slot floor has the potential to deliver a server-driven suite of player-focused, revenue-driving features. FUZION could turn every slot machine into a multi-line profit center, with lottery tickets, sports wagering, promotions, and more at your players’ fingertips. FUZION is at the core of the future-ready casino floor.


-Enables server to record image scans of bills and tickets to easily resolve last bill disputes
-Real-time security alerts
-Multi-currency acceptance possible
-2D barcode reading
-Predictive maintenance
-Predictive drop scheduling
-Firmware download scheduling

-Enables dynamic graphics printing on the fly
-Allows CMS to target specific players with promotions
-Ticket template creator and graphics printing allow endless ticket formats
-Print system-generated tax forms

-EGM becomes a limitless gaming kiosk, offering access to state & national lotteries, in-house sport and race books, Daily Fantasy Sports, currency exchange databases and more
-Increased revenue and greater operational efficiencies and accountability
-Mobile Device Integration