With one 49” 4K Touchscreen monitor, 27″ Topper, wireless phone charger, 13.3″ LCD Touch screen monitor.

QUALITY & RELIABILITY – With Sega’s long history of developing quality and reliable gaming products, you can rest assured knowing every Genesis Crest cabinet is built to the highest standards.

EASY MAINTENANCE – Our cabinet’s main hardware is consolidated into one area allowing for easy maintenance.  The built in LED light provides ideal visibility for your Service Technicians.

EXPANSIVE GAME LIBRARY – Our rich variety of gaming content will continuously be available. With years of video content experience and multiple active studios, we will bring innovative themed content for years to come.

Facts & Figures

  • Large 27″ FHD monitor is visible from even the longest distance and sure to draw the eye of prospective
  • Our large 49 inch monitor will enhance any gaming experience and is ergonomically positioned for optimal game play and visibility.
  • Wireless phone charger: Included is a high spec phone charger with LED indicator for lightning fast charging.
  • 13.3″ LCD Touchscreen monitor: Easy-to-use touch screen monitor for easy operation and player-friendly gaming.